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Synthesis was built upon more than 16 years of extensive research into investment strategies which have, over time, shown themselves to be little, if at all, exposed to the mercy of bond and equity market cycles*. We focus on making investments which, through a combination of innovative technology and expert human knowledge, allow capital from investors to be transferred efficiently to the companies and individuals who need it, without the expense of traditional intermediaries such as banks. Synthesis seeks as far as possible to avoid exposure to investments where there are «winners» and «losers» to financial transactions, investing instead where we can see real economic benefits being derived.
* past performance is no guarantee of future results

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Synthesis Peer-to-Peer Lending Fund
Synthesis P2P is managed within the Synthesis Multi-Asset Architecture SICAV-SIF,
in line with its objectives and alternative investment philosophy.
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'Those who have knowledge, don't predict.
Those who predict, don't have knowledge.'
Lao Tzu
"In a world of business, men and financial intermediaries who aggressively seek profit, innovators will always outpace regulators: the authorities cannot prevent changes in the structure of portfolios from occurring. What they can do is to keep the asset-equity ratio of banks within bounds by setting equity absorption ratios for various types of assets. If the authorities constrain banks and are aware of the activities of fringe banks and other financial institutions, they are in a better position to extenuate the disruptive expansionary tendencies of our economies."
Hyman Minsky
Synthesis Multi-Asset Architecture SICAV-SIF S.C.A
20, Boulevard Emmanuel Servais, L-2535 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Tel: +352 24 88 2756, Fax: +352 24 88 8617 (Shareholder Operational Support, Edmond de Rothschild Europe), E-mail: info@synthesis-sif.luCreated by: 10design

Statement & Legal Disclaimer

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Synthesis Multi-Asset Architecture SICAV-SIF SCA offers for subscription shares of its sub-funds. Synthesis is a corporate partnership limited by shares (société en commandite par actions (S.C.A.)) incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as an investment company with variable share capital (société d’investissement â capital variable (SICAV)), established as a specialized investment fund (Fonds d’Investissement Spécialisé (SIF)). Synthesis is registered pursuant to the law dated 13 February 2007 on specialized investment funds, as amended from time to time (the “Law”). According to the current legislation, Synthesis is only available to the following well-informed investors:

Within the meaning of this Law, a well-informed investor shall be an institutional investor, a professional investor or any other investor who meets the following conditions:

a) they confirm in writing that they adhere to the status of well-informed investor and
b) (i) they invest a minimum of 125,000 Euro in the specialized investment fund or (ii) they have been the subject of an assessment made by a credit institution within the meaning of Directive 2006/48/EC, by an investment firm within the meaning of Directive 2004/39/EC or by a management company within the meaning of Directive 2001/107/EC certifying their expertise, their experience and their knowledge in adequately appraising an investment in a specialized investment fund.

The presentation of Synthesis that you are going to access is for information purposes only. Such presentation does not constitute an offer or solicitation in a jurisdiction where to do so is unlawful or where the person making the offer or solicitation is not qualified to do so or where a person receiving the offer or solicitation may not lawfully do so.

Investors qualifying as well informed investors can only subscribe to shares of the Sub-Funds of Synthesis if they expressly certify that they are well informed investors. It is necessary to refer to the Investment Memorandum and to the Law before any decision to invest in Synthesis.

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